Golden Corral

17674 N Litchfield Rd
Surprise, AZ 85374
Main> (623) 544-0900

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Jeff Wilson
Phoenix, AZ
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Jeff Wilson
Phoenix, AZ
Dec 13, 2014
This location is very clean with polite employees. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner are all worth a visit, but go for the breakfast. It's all about bacon for me, but a nice omelet on the side is good too. For you cheese lovers out there, grab two plates, fill the first one with bacon and hand the second one to the omelet chef. Order the omelet the way you want it, but ask for extra cheese inside it and on top. Take your plate of bacon to the table then go back for the omelet, it should be done by now. If not, use your time wisely and load-up another plate of bacon that you can eat while waiting. When the omelet is ready head over to the salad bar for more cheese, here you can add as much as the plate will hold. Next head over to the taco bar and pour over some nacho cheese, don't worry that the shredded cheddar mound of a plate wont hold any more, the melted nacho cheese will just soak into the porous shredded cheese. Then all that's left is to grab one more plate of bacon just in case you're there past the time they serve breakfast. For onion and mushroom lovers, don't forget to look for the sauteed mushrooms and onion to top of the omelet. Then just head back to the table and grab a Diet Coke. Enjoy!

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