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Smart Smile Dentistry
Gainesville, FL
Brandon Smiles
Brandontree, FL
Advanced Dental Care
Brooklyn, NY
Latest Review
Best Dental office in NY. Painless implants and affordable payment plans
Justin Sycamore DDS
Thousand Oaks, CA
Prescott Dental Arts
Prescott, AZ
Hamer & Glassick
Charlottesville, VA
Hagop Jack Takarlekian
Lawndale, CA
Dr. Leonarda S. Alexander, DDS
San Francisco, CA
Craftsman Dental Care
Sacramento, CA
Blair Schachtel DMD
Livingston, NJ
OrthoSnap New York
Brooklyn, NY
Latest Review
I've always neglected going to the dentist because of a bad experience. I found this really good dentist who said I either get 8 teeth pulled or Orthosnap because my teeth are really crooked. I wanted Orthosnap because I wanna feel better about myself. I really hated how my teeth were so this was for me! Forgot to mention - invisalign wanted my teeth out , with orthosnap no pulling was done. Treatment was long, almost 20 months but im happy i did it, get complements and feel happy smiling
Molar King Dental
Colorado Springs, CO
Revitta Smile
Brooklyn, NY
Latest Review
I've had a skew front tooth for many years that has made me self conscious. I never smile in photos so I'm hoping to fix that over the next 20 weeks with Orthosnap. After taking the teeth impressions it took just a week before heading back to the dentist to collect my first two trays and have my buttons attached. The first two days I was making lots of saliva but after a few days my mouth went dry. I had to constantly drink water to keep myself lubed. My teeth hurt a little for the first few days of a new tray after that I had no pain. Removing and Re-inserting the tray became easier and I was able to remove them one handed. My trays did not discolor so I never needed to use the cleanser. I only drank water while my trays were in. I gave them a brush with my toothbrush after brushing but without toothpaste on the trays. They never smelt bad.
Apple Blossom Dentistry
Winchester, VA
Zambrana E Jr DDS
Durham, NC
Dentist in Simi Valley
Simi Valley, CA
Latest Review
Are you looking for a dentist specialist? Zak Dental the best option for dental care & oral health and to get rid of all dental issues. Beside then clients’ preventive dental care, cosmetic dentistry, specialty dentistry, dental implants we also provide valuable information on personalized dental care and dental hygiene for all communities.
Dental Associates of Arlington
Arlington, MA
Latest Review
I know how scary the idea of a visit to the dentist can be for most people. I wouldn't consider myself one of these fearful people but going to the dentist certainly isn't on my list of favorite things to do. Dr. Vora and her staff however have made each and every single visit pleasant and painless. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and seem genuinely concerned with my level of comfort. In the past I've had dentists that come across like know-it-all's who are just interested in making money. Dr. Vora has never tried to push any treatments that seemed unnecessary. I have also recommended her to many of my friends and co-workers in the city who always seem to complain about the prices and shady business practices of their dentists.