Harold's Chicken Shack

1208 East 53rd Street
Chicago, IL
Main> 773) 752-9260

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Anthony Theobald
Port Saint Lucie, FL
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Anthony Theobald
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Sep 7, 2011
The reason for going to Harold's is a chicken dinner which is a half or quarter chicken, or 3 to 5 wings, served with french fries, two pieces of white bread, and a cup of cole slaw. The chicken can be served plain, but usually either hot or mild sauce is added. In Chicago-style fried chicken, the sauce is drizzled over the chicken and fries which results in the chicken skin softening as it soaks up the sauce. A common practice is to take the sauce soaked fries and place them between the bread. Chicagoans call this "making a fry sandwich". Some of the very best chicken you will ever experience. There are many locations in the Chicago area.

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