Best Family Dining

in Glen Arbor, MI

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The Homestead
Glen Arbor, MI
Latest Review
The food alone is worth the trip. It is served in several charming locations(CQ's Cabin Café Manitou Beppi's , Nonna's). Not one of those locations is the least bit like any other. Nor are the menus like one another. You’ll find that they vary in décor, style of service, entertainment and price but not in quality. So, you can enjoy casual or fine dining – indoors or out – with stunning views of the water or forest. You can also enjoy dining with the kids (early if you like) or with one another in an adult-only setting at Nonna’s Tavern. Or, for a quiet night, you can pick up take-out foods and beverages at Cavanaugh's Deli & General Store.