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Have you ever quietly thought to yourself, “I can do that,” as you watch your favorite stunt or dare game show where the contestants pull off seemingly impossible feats? Well, now you have the chance to prove your mettle with Conquer Ninja Athletics in Burnsville, MN, the only dedicated Ninja Warrior gym in the Twin Cities. With 4 convenient locations, this gym offers full-sized obstacle courses for patrons of various age groups, making it more than just a training facility to hone your skills.

Whether you’re vying for a spot on Ultimate Ninja Warrior or you don’t want to look like a chicken in front of your friends, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you visit their gym. It’s full speed ahead as you try to reach the highest point on the warped wall or test the strength of your back and shoulders as you climb your way up the salmon ladder. Don’t get exhausted yet, as there are plenty of other challenges to face, guaranteed to make you break a sweat.

Don’t think you have to be a CrossFit enthusiast to participate or even an adult. Kids over the age of five can take part in some of the most difficult and fun physical challenges of their lives. Experts are available to provide instruction during open gym hours, scheduled fitness classes and camps, birthday parties and even field trips for the most exhausting relationship-building experience of their young lives.

Whether you’re looking to have fun, sharpen your body, or host your child’s birthday party, Conquer Ninja Athletics will be there to fulfill your needs. Call today at (952) 484-4864 or visit them online. You can also visit them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for videos of their amazing gym.
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