About Us

You may think we are political zealots launching a site like VotefortheBest.com. But the simple truth is...we were actually just looking for a site where we could quickly and easily find the best restaurant in a small town to which we had just moved.

We were frustrated with local review sites where we had to wade through dozens of reviews and paid for listings to figure out where we should go. We were also frustrated that every local business directory seemed to constantly present listings in the major cities - leaving our smaller town out in the cold.

So, we launched VotefortheBest.com in early 2010 into a seemingly endless sea of online business directories. We set out to build a strikingly straight-forward business directory that ranks businesses in every town in the country based on a simple yet powerful voting system.

VotefortheBest.com is now quickly becoming the go-to destination to find out what businesses are popular in any city. Simply put, VotefortheBest.com is a fun and easy to use website that lets you vote for your favorite businesses and then discover new favorites along the way.

We appreciate you exploring our site and encourage you to vote for a business or two!