Own a Business?

There are hundreds of sites that showcase local businesses, but only VotefortheBest.com gives you the opportunity to stick out from the crowd. Getting voted to the top of a poll, such as Best Pizza in the United States, can give your business enormous exposure. Online validation such as this is a great way to get new, real world customers to your door.

How to Add a Business Listing

To add your business to VotefortheBest.com,
you must first search for your business in our database.
If you find a match, click the "Add My Vote" button... ...then select a category for your business and click "confirm vote." If you don't find a match, click the "Add it here" link

How to Update a Business Listing

VotefortheBest.com listing are managed by Yext. In fact, Yext manages listings for over 50 of the Internet's top local business directories, including Yahoo!, CitySearch and SuperPages. Once you claim your business with Yext via VotefortheBest.com, you will be abble to update your listings across, as well as be able to monitor traffic and reviews, across all of these sites at once. To learn more about claiming your listing with Yext and the benefits of this service click the button below:

What If There is No Category for my Business?

We have purposely limited VotefortheBest.com categories to a select list that we believe has mass appeal. If you do not find a category that matches your business we ask that you refrain form voting for your business into a category that does not match. Business that are voted into an irrelevant category will not be approved and deleted from the site.

Drive Votes From Your Website

Add our VotefortheBest button to your website!

If you have your own website for your business, we recommend adding a VotefortheBest.com badge to your site to drive visitors to vote for your business. Simply copy the code below to add the badge to your site. We would also suggest updating the link in the code to point directly to a poll page or your business profile page. If you are not sure how to do this, your webmaster will be able to add the badge with an updated link in a matter of minutes.